Specializing in Nutrition Labeling and Product Concept Development

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Business & Nutrition Consulting Food Product Startup Kit Food Business & Nutrition Links
  • Nutrition analysis & Nutrition Facts panels
  • Review of food labels for regulatory compliance
  • Recipe development for health & fitness market
  • Marketing & PR strategies

Essential information with links to regulations, funding, nutrition software & labs, trade shows, etc.

Sail through the more tedious aspects of building a food company!

  • Latest news in food & nutrition
  • Government agencies (FDA, USDA, etc.)
  • Science/health organizations
  • Trade associations, Food Safety and more


Food/Nutrition Blooper of the Month:

Popular "diet foods" called fattening

A magazine article that quotes "diet doctors." nutrition professors and health psychologists claims that many foods consumed by dieters can make them fat. Among those foods are hummus, nuts, grapes and kale...


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