"Healthy" Snack Chips?

A newspaper review of healthier snacks describes various chips as “low-fat,” high in fiber, and made with trans fat-free oils. 


Only one of the three brands reviewed for the article actually has a low-fat version (containing 3 g fat), although it is inadequately described as “lower-fat,” and the one touted as “high in fiber” is not – it has only 3 grams per serving, which qualifies as only a “good source” of fiber pursuant to FDA labeling regulations. Chips would need to have at least 5 g fiber to be labeled as “high in fiber.” None of the products qualifies for the term “healthy,” including the one that is low in fat. As for the trans fat-free oils… none of the chips ever had trans fat (same as most tortilla chips). Compared to some other chips, these are better, but they should be described with appropriate, not misleading, terms.

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