Acai Berry Nutrient Claims for Protein, etc.

An online news article for food retailers describes the acai berry (grown in Brazil) as having “more protein than an average egg” in addition to a host of “vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids busting from each berry.” 

Nowhere is a quantity of acai berry mentioned for this comparison with eggs, so the comparison has no meaning or validity. If we compare them by weight (100 g acai berry puree and 100 g raw chicken egg), eggs are actually much higher in protein – 13 g versus 2 g (the figure given for protein by a company that markets acai berry products). As for all the vitamins, minerals, etc. claimed, the acai berry may indeed contain these nutrients, but “contain” only means there is a measurable amount – not a large or significant amount. All berries contain some vitamins and minerals, and many are high in antioxidants, but acai is no better a source than many other berries. What acai does seem to be an unusually significant source of (for a fruit) is fatty acids – but mostly the omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids that are not lacking in our diets.

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