Vitamins A and C in Sweet vs. White Potato Chips

A potato chip product containing both sweet potatoes and white potatoes shows vitamin A content for a 1 oz serving as 0% of the Daily Value.

The same manufacturer makes a chip product with 100% sweet potatoes, and that one shows 80% DV for vitamin A. The product with half sweet potatoes shows incorrect vitamin A content. Actual vitamin A should be fairly significant (probably 30-40% DV), because sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A.

Blooper B: This chip shows vitamin C content at 25% DV. None of their other chip products contain even close to this much vitamin C, despite the fact that many of them contain the same kind of potatoes. This is another error. While raw potatoes may be fairly high in vitamin C, once they are cooked (i.e., exposed to heat, air, etc.) much of the vitamin C is destroyed. No other potato chip on the market contains this much vitamin C, regardless of the kind of potato used.

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