Crackers with Missing Ingredients and Nutrition

A flourless cracker/crisp made with cheese and prosciutto lists "prosciutto crumbles" in the ingredients, and only 4 g fat per serving.


Prosciutto crumbles (and prosciutto in general) is a cured pork product that contains more than one ingredient -- at least pork and salt, and often spices and/or nitrates/nitrites, sugar, culture, etc. The ingredients list for this cracker doesn't show the "sub-ingredients" for the prosciutto, but it should (in parentheses after "prosciutto"). Also, the 26-gram serving shows only 4 grams of fat, which is more or less impossible given the ingredients; there is no info for vitamins and minerals (given the amount of cheese, there will be a fair amount of calcium present); AND the sodium data (77 mg) is too low (given the amount of cheese and prosciutto) and not properly rounded. This is an example of a food label done unprofessionally and resulting in incomplete and inaccurate information. The product is sold at Whole Foods.

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