Package of snack chips containing seaweed makes claims for 4 nutrients

A snack chip containing seaweed, but made with mostly rice and oil, displays health claims on its packaging for iron, fiber, beta carotene and calcium.


The actual Nutrition Facts do not support any claims for these nutrients, because the product is not a "good source" of any of them (needs to show at least 10% of Daily Value). While plain dried seaweed may have a more impressive concentration of these nutrients, the statements are implied claims for the chips in the package, which contain only about 5% seaweed. In addition, the health claims are stated in a way that imply the product will treat or cure diseases such as diabetes. Only approved drugs can make such claims. The primary/bold description of the product itself is misleading: "seaweed chips with rice" should be "rice chips with seaweed" (predominant ingredient first).


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