Chia berry smoothie nutrition labeling missteps

Labeling for a chia-berry blended fruit smoothie states that the chia seeds provide protein, and despite declaring a bounty of fruit, potassium (plentiful in fruit and vegetables) shows as 0 mg.


Total protein shown on the Nutrition Facts panel is only 2 g (4% of DV), so one serving of this smoothie is not even a good source of protein. For this reason, no nutrient claims about protein can be made... anywhere, including on the website.

Further, the ingredients list shows chia seeds first and "H2O" next to last, before "agave." It is very unlikely that chia seeds are the most predominant ingredient; if they were the smoothie would be more of a porridge. Additionally, "water" is the correct ingredient name for water (not H2O), and "agave" is a plant, whereas the ingredient used is actually agave syrup, a sweetener processed from agave. And while the nutrition panel shows "0 mg" for potassium, that is impossible, unless there is no real fruit in the beverage (despite the ingredients showing "pomegranate, strawberry, lemon"). Also, agave syrup is an added sugar, but no added sugar is shown in the Nutrition Facts.


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