YouTube clip describes popcorn as high in vitamin E

A YouTube clip about foods high in vitamin E claims that popcorn is on the list and that it has 25% of the Daily Value per serving...


Popcorn, even when made with oil (where most of the vitamin E comes from, not the corn) is a poor source of vitamin E. The video uses 100 mg as a "serving" of popcorn. That is about 12.5 cups of popcorn. The actual serving size (for FDA-compliant labeling) is 28 grams (1 ounce). That amount of oil-cooked popcorn has less than 1 mg vitamin E... less than 5% of the Daily Value for vitamin E (the DV is 15 mg). Air-popped corn has much less -- an amount that would show up as 0 on the Nutrition Facts panel.

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