Cheese-based snack claims high protein, calcium

A cheese-based, crispy snack food is described as "high in protein" and "excellent source of calcium," however...


...the product Nutrition Facts information (for all flavors) does not support those labeling claims. Protein shows as 5 grams and calcium ranges from 9-15% of Daily Value. The requirements for use of the claim "high in" or "excellent source" are not met by this product as labeled. The flavors with 9% DV for calcium don't even meet the criteria for "good source" (the lowest level nutrient content claim allowed).

Interestingly, the product also uses a serving size that is too small (non-compliant with FDA regulations), and if they had used the correct serving size the product WOULD meet the criteria for "high in" protein and (for most of the flavors) "excellent source of" (aka high in) calcium, and all would be at least a "good source" of calcium.


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