Food/wellness website reviews paleo and keto soups

A food and wellness website article reviews various shelf-stable soups to announce which are the "healthiest"...


One soup is described as "paleo" and "packed with... antioxidant-rich veggies." Another "winner" is a "keto" mushroom soup that is said to be "loaded with healthy fat" and "low in carbs...helping you stay in ketosis."

The "paleo" soup makes a nutrient content claim by mentioning "packed with antioxidants," but there is no antioxidant content shown in the Nutrition Facts. No vitamin A, C, E or selenium is mentioned and no amounts for those nutrients, therefore, no antioxidant claim can be made. Just using the word "antioxidant" is a violation of labeling regulations, because it is an implied claim and there is no substantiation for it.

The "keto" soup makes nutrient content and health claims for fat and carbohydrate. There are no "low carbohydrate" claims allowed in food labeling, so that one is non-compliant. And the soup contains 14 g of saturated fat (70% of the Daily Value/maximum), which is definitely not "healthy."  As for the comment by a dietitian interviewed for the story that the soup will help you "stay in ketosis," that is not something a credible nutrition expert would ever recommend, because ketosis is a state that your body does everything to AVOID in order to prevent damage to organs such as the brain.

Additionally, these soups come in Tetra Pak boxes and are stated to be "fully recyclable," but that is not the case in the majority of recycling centers. There are too many materials that need to be separated (a costly procedure and not possible with most recycling equipment), so don't buy the eco claims either.

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