Gluten-free, vegan cake mix with omega 3 & 6 claims

A gluten-free, vegan baking mix is labeled as having an "excellent source of omega 3 & 6" and shows "26" as the serving size... 

The Nutrition Facts for this product does not include any information about quantity of omega 3 or omega 6 fatty acids, so no claims (good source, excellent source, etc.) can be made; but even if it did, there is no Daily Value for either fat, so no claims can be made regarding these fats.

As for the serving size, "26" is non-compliant as it doesn't identify the units. The parenthetical "26 g" is fine for the weight part, but there also needs to be a common measurement component (e.g., "1/4 cup of mix, amount in one 2" square of cake as prepared"). Additionally, the Nutrition Facts does not show nutrition data for one serving "as prepared" (with water, oil, egg, etc. added to actually make the cake, brownie, etc.). Unless the mix is intended to be eaten dry, "as is," then this nutrition panel is incomplete.

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