A new bread with water as first ingredient

A new "low-net-carb" bread lists water as its first ingredient...


Well, that would certainly make it low in everything except water. This is actually a common mistake by food startups. The recipe requires a lot of water to make the bread dough, but during baking baked goods lose a majority of their moisture. The ingredients list is supposed to indicate relative weight (highest to lowest) of each ingredient in the FINISHED product. Water would definitely not come first, unless this is a soupy bread. Oops. 

Additionally, the product has about 11 grams of fiber (the carbs they call "not real carbs," even though technically they are) per serving. This is a huge amount of fiber for one slice of bread. Add another slice (as in, sandwich) and you have almost a day's dose of fiber... not to mention probable gastric distress and very few beneficial nutrients being absorbed by the body. Ouch. 

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