Red meat, fried foods "high in trans fat" per cardiologist

A widely-published article from 2/2023 quotes cardiologists saying liver, fried foods, red meat, etc. are very high in trans fat...


Many meat and dairy products do contain some naturally-occurring trans fat, but the amount is very small (usually much less than .5 gram per serving). The MDs also state that liver is very high in fat and saturated fat. Not true. The vast majority of calories in liver are from protein.

As for trans fats being “disguised” in fried (and other) foods, this is no longer the case. Since 2020 (2018 for most foods), partially hydrogenated oils (the main historic source of trans fats) are not permitted in foods in the U.S. (and many other countries). Fried foods can be cooked in a variety of oils, some of which are low in saturated fat also (e.g., avocado and canola oils).


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