Polyphenols in Popcorn

A study declares popcorn higher in polyphenols than fruits and veggies. 

If only it were so simple. The study notes that chemical analysis of popcorn shows high amounts of polyphenols (antioxidants from plants). The thing missing from the study is evidence that these polyphenols are absorbed by our digestive system and to what extent, and how we benefit from them if at all. Due to all the non-soluble fiber (the hull/husk) embedded with the polyphenols, it is likely they will simply pass through our system, unlike with many softer fruits and vegetables that are more easily digested, and which often contain a greater variety of nutrients (vs. in popcorn) as well. Digestibility is more important than sheer quantity. A rusty pipe is full of iron, but that doesn’t mean you can/should eat it to get your iron.

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