"Fat-Fighting" Dessert with Impossible Nutrition Data

A restaurant dessert is declared best in its category for “fighting fat.” 


One look at the nutrition info for this dessert and we can tell something isn’t right. Can you spot it? The restaurant’s Web site and the article both show 100 calories, 11 g fat and 10 g carbs for one serving of the dessert. That’s right... the math doesn’t add up. If there are 11 g fat, that’s 99 calories right there. Add 40 calories from the carbs and you have about 140 calories... and this doesn’t even include the 8 calories from 2 g protein shown on the restaurant Web site but not in the article. And even if the calories are correct (in which case the carbs and fat data are not), it is due to a very small portion size. ANY dessert can be made in a 100-calorie portion simply by cutting it down to a small enough size, but that does not change the proportion of calories coming from fat, sugar, etc., nor make it a “healthy” food. Then there’s the claim of a food being able to “fight fat.” Of course no food can do that. But a lack of too much food and a good dose of physical activity can.

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