Dietitian Declares Doughnuts Better than Bagels

In an online article a dietitian declares a jelly doughnut the nutritional “winner” over a bagel with cream cheese.


Just because the average jelly doughnut has fewer calories (mostly from sugar) than the average bagel with cream cheese? That’s no way to compare foods, especially when many places now carry multi-grain bagels (i.e., more fiber than the 0 grams in any doughnut, plus more protein and other nutrients), and no one is forcing you to get or use the full 2+ Tbsps of cream cheese on that bagel. Ask for 1 Tbsp instead, and/or ask for reduced-fat cream cheese (also available many places)... or simply remove a glob of that cream cheese yourself. It’s important to look at the big picture here, not just database calorie information for foods that often have little in common with what’s available/possible in the real world.

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